This is an inscription added during the November 7, 2006 update. The inscription adds the Improved sale value attribute to a weapon. This can be very useful by salvaging these and adding them to a gold weapon that is not max damage. "Show me the money" increases the price that a merchant will pay for an item, however for some players, this inscription has no value.


  • Identifying the inscription (after it has been expertly salvaged) can result in different values being listed in the item's description, from one Show Me the Money! inscription to the next. The same thing is true when identifying any runes or weapon upgrades, in any Guild Wars Campaign up to this point (GW1-3).
  • Adding an identified Show Me the Money! inscription to an item and then expertly salvaging it, will result in an inscription that has no displayed value. If that same inscription is then identified, the value listed in the item's description can be different from the inscriptions original (when it was first identified) value.
E.g., The inscription is expertly salvaged and identified to have a value of 81gp. It is then added to an item, expertly salvaged, and identified again. Now it has a value of 87gp.

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