Shing Jea Monastery (Canthan New Year)
Shing Jea Monastery (Canthan New Year 2007)
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Town
Part of: Shing Jea Island
Monastery Overlook, Sunqua Vale,
Linnok Courtyard


Shing Jea has been redecorated for the Canthan New Year! Now, all over the city, paper lanterns and dragon's heads are glowing awaiting the celestial's arrival to the city.

Getting there

Factions Campaign characters can enter the Monastery after finishing (or skipping) the introductory tutorial. The Monastery is to the northwest from their starting location in the Monastery Overlook.

Characters of other campaigns must travel west from Seitung Harbor, through Saoshang Trail and Linnok Courtyard.


Special NPCs


Quest NPCs

Other special NPCs

General NPCs

Imperial Chefs

Finale NPCs


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