Sentry Trap

A Sentry Trap

Sentry Traps are traps of the Kournan military found during the Venta Cemetery mission and the And a Hero Shall Lead Them quest. These traps cause 100 armor ignoring AoE damage to all foes within range (apparently by firing shrapnel shards / flechettes) after a short fuse timer of 5 seconds. The timer is started when a foe enters the activation radius. The trap recharges and triggers again if there are foes in range, until disarmed.

Sentry Trap timer

To disarm a trap players may use the Disarm Trap skill offered by Rojis at the beginning of the Venta Cemetery mission.

Effect details
Sentry Trap
Disarm Trap
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Object effect
Object: Sentry Trap

Sentry trap activated. Disable it before it discharges.


  • Similar to the Splinter Mine effect, this is emitted by the Sentry Traps.

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