The Sensali are one of the two tribes of Canthan Tengu (the other being the Angchu Tengu).

Unlike the Angchu, the Sensali prefer life as nomads. They are said to be more primitive and more aggressive than Angchu.

Unlike the Angchu tengu, the Sensali have not made peace with humans after the end of the Tengu Wars. They remained hostile to humans (and Angchu tengu, too).

The Sensali also share a hatred for the yeti.

Sensali Tengu Unit Hierarchy

Warrior-icon-small Necromancer-icon-small Assassin-icon-small
Fighter (4,5) Blood (5) Assassin (5)
Cutter (12) DarkFeather (12) Claw (12)

For a list of Sensali Tengu, see: Category: Sensali

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