Senjo Wah
Senjo Wah
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Senjo Wah is an NPC found in the Undercity.

Quests Involved In


Senjo Wah location

Location from north entrance (from Bukdek Byway to Undercity)


"We have been under the heel of these gangs for what seems an eternity. I wish they would just leave us be."

During "Seek Out Brother Tosai" (see note):

"If you are no coward, go seek out Brother Tosai. You will find him near the entrance to the Undercity."

NOTE: Quest dialogue for Seek Out Brother Tosai appears while quest is in Quest Log. Purpose of this character showing the message is unknown. In Masters of Corruption, Senjo Wah offers the same reward dialogue that Brother Tosai does ("Spare me, and I shall remove the effect of the chalice. ...").

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