This mission was available at the Dragon Festival.

Mission Objectives

  • Wipe out the enemy forces occupying Seitung Harbor. 40 of 40 enemies remain.


Captain Rujiyo
"The battle isn't going well, <player name>. We suffered serious losses thus far, though we've begun to organize resistance groups to reclaim lost territory and drive the enemy back."
- How can I help the emperor?
Captain Rujiyo
"I'm afraid I have bad news <player name>. Seitung Harbor has fallen and our forces were pushed back to the monastery. We need every last body to launch a retalliatory strike. Will you join us in our efforts to take back Seitung Harbor?"
- Yes, I am ready to help the emperor.
- Not right now, I'm busy.




  • Two tanks, Spiteful Spirit necromancer and a monk can easily complete this mission.
  • Some of the foes are stationary and are easily killed with a long/flat bow.
  • Currently, you can run back through all the gates and portals located in the area without rezoning, thereby exploring an empty Shing Jea Monastery and Monestary Overlook.
  • All the monsters are actors.
  • There is another mission for Seitung Harbor. See Seitung Harbor (mission 2)

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