Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


"Can you believe it? Someone slipped me a love potion. It must have Kushau or Lohfihau... those two brothers chase me around from day to night. Now I've got to find an antidote before one of them takes advantage of the situation. The only antidote for the potion is Sentient Seed. But I'm on duty. I can't go get it. Would you help me? If you can find 3 Sentient Seeds, I'll gladly reward you with:"

Collector Items


Location: Sunspear Great Hall
Collecting: 3 Sentient Seeds

Item Stats Value
Bag Holds 5 items 50 Gold
Identification Kit Uses remaining: 25 50 Gold
Salvage Kit Uses remaining: 25 50 Gold

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