Secret River Passage map

Path from Temple of the Ages.

The Secret River Passage is revealed once Livia returns from Rata Sum at the behest of Princess Salma, in preparation for the War in Kryta. It will lead to Divinity Coast (explorable), which is only reachable this way.



If try to use before witnessing introduction of the Asura:

"One or more among you have not seen the recruiting efforts of the Shining Blade."

After witnessing the introduction of the Asura:

"The river leads through the mountains into Divinity Coast and the hidden Asuran Lab."
Player response: "Take the secret passage to Divinity Coast."
"Taking this passage will transport your party into Divinity Coast. Are you sure you want to leave this area?"
Accept: "Yes. Take us to the Asuran Lab."
Reject: "No. I wish to remain here in Talmark Wilderness."


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