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Paragons gain energy from all allies that are affected by their shouts and chants, so they do not need to worry about energy management.


  • "For Great Justice!" is an unlinked non-elite alternative to Focused Anger, which can be useful to get adrenaline. When using both simultaneously, with enough ranks in leadership, a player can have double the adrenaline in PvE permanently.
  • Shouts such as "Watch Yourself!" are effective for energy management and triggering echoes and "chorus" chants.
  • "Coward!" can be used with the fast adrenaline gain of the Paragon.
  • "Save Yourselves!" is a very useful party support skill, especially used in conjunction with "There's Nothing to Fear!".
  • Many warrior shouts, skills, and stances synergize with paragon echoes, shouts, and chants, such as Soldier's Strike
  • It should be noted that paragons can affect more allies with their shouts and chants from a mid-party position, so it is advisable to use a spear over melee weaponry.


  • Shouts and chants that affect allies also affect pets
  • Beast Mastery shouts will benefit from Leadership, though they will only affect one ally and the energy return will reflect this.
  • Poison Tip Signet and Apply Poison work well for spreading conditions to trigger skills such as Disrupting Throw, although not with the first throw.





  • The conjure skills, such as Conjure Lightning can provide additional damage when wielding an elemental weapon for a very small investment of attribute points.




  • This profession combination is relatively useless for a primary Paragon.

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