Dervishes have powerful attacks and strong self-preservation skills, making them effective front line attackers.

When choosing secondary skills, always remember that native skills often have better synergy with the profession's purpose, interact better with the profession's other skills, and benefit from runes.


  • Wild Blow can be used as a stance removal skill.
  • The Sunspear Title Track skill Whirlwind Attack requires 6 adrenaline to use. This can be charged through only two attacks provided you hit the full 3 enemies possible, and deals an impressive +20 damage to all adjacent foes at rank 10 Sunspear.


  • Use Apply Poison to poison three enemies at once and quickly spread conditions.


  • Reusable resurrection spells are often beneficial in PvE.
  • Consider using Judge's Insight to deal holy damage and grant your attacks armor penetration. This can greatly increase damage output, especially if you hit the full 3 enemies possible. As an enchantment, it also works with Mysticism.


  • Necromancer Orders work well with Mysticism.





  • Reusable resurrection spells are often beneficial in PvE.
  • Splinter Weapon can be combined with a scythe for massive damage against mobs.


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