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Sebedoh the Mesmer
Sebedoh the Mesmer
Species: Human
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 2

Sebedoh the Mesmer, Pre-Searing

Sebedoh the Mesmer is the first profession trainer for new Mesmers in Prophecies.

Quests Given

Quests Involved In



Lakeside County, if Verata the Necromancer is also present, Sebedoh starts a short monologue:

Sebedoh the Mesmer: "Ah, Verata. I'm surprised to see you out in the daylight."
Sebedoh the Mesmer: "That's good advice. Perhaps I'll go inside and take a nap."

Sebedoh the Mesmer, Post-Searing

Sebedoh the Mesmer continues to offer skill quests for mesmers after the Searing.

Quests Given



"It's a good thing we were able to leave Ascalon for these frozen, barren, ettin infested mountains, isn't it?
What do you want?"

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