The Scrying Pool can be found in the Hall of Monuments and shows the visions of the character and is an important part of the storyline. It will also allow you to replay any cinematic from the expansion. If you "Seek Guidance," then you can also use the scrying pool to re-activate all primary quests that are repeatable that are also needed to fill up the Hero's Handbook.


Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Eye of the North.

The First Vision (Activating the Scrying Pool) Note: Must have spoken to Jora in the quest Against the Destroyers.

  • Shows you a destroyer

The Second Vision (Destroyers Lurk in the Dark)

  • Shows you a bunch of destroyers being spawned.

The Third Vision (The Great Destroyer)

  • Shows you the Great Destroyer.

The Final Vision

  • With Vekk's help, tells of the location of the Destroyers

A new vision is available when you have the effect Call of the Eye on you.


Bug Bug! Due to some unknown circumstances, players may not be able to see some of these visions, there seems to be no impact of the game though, if you receive this bug, carry on with the storyline and complete another race's quest chain.

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