2009-09-28: Scorched Lodestones


Getting to Nick

Nicholas the Traveler is located in Old Ascalon, west of Sardelac Sanitarium (see map)

Farming for Scorched Lodestones

Nicholas the Traveler farm 20090928

Pockmark Flats yields 10 lodestones per run

  • Suggested Farm #1: exit the Serenity Temple and make a brief loop through Pockmark Flats (as shown). Any L20 character should be able to solo this using any build.

Threats & Recommended Skills

  • Tactics: foes that drop Scorched Lodestones are L8 or less, so L20 characters only have to worry about how to dispatch the elementals more quickly. Aggro a group, wait for them to ball up, and use AoE damage spells to take them down.
  • Threats: presuming that you have at least one L20 character with access to Ascalon, none of the foes will present much of a threat. If you want, bring a well-balanced skillbar that includes hex and condition removal, healing, with the remaining 5 skills dedicated to damage.
  • Recommended Skills: (see above)

Solo Farming

  • This is a great week to try out solo farming for the first time or practice using a new build. As mentioned above, any L20 character should be able to safely farm without paying too much attention.

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