Saltspray Beach

Saltspray Beach is a location where an Alliance Battle takes place.

It is in between the Echovald Forest and Jade Sea, and is the battleground map reached if the Luxons or Kurzicks have pushed the other team out of their land onto the border. The control points are evenly spread out over the map between the two bases, with 3 shrines at the top of the map, 1 in the middle and 3 shrines at the bottom of the map. Each side in the alliance battle consists of three teams of four players (all three teams must be from the same faction) to create two squads of 12. The goal is to gain command of seven control points and by so doing, outscore your opponents. For further details regarding gameplay see the Alliance Battle page.

Players may not enter the opposing teams base as they are guarded by a invulnerable, stationary NPC named Base Defender.

This map does not give an advantage to either of the teams.

At this map, the Kurzick-Luxon border is at the border of the Jade Sea and Echovald Forest.

Control Points

Shrine Kurzick Side NPC Luxon Side NPC
Waterfall Defense Point
Hillside Resurrect Shrine
Bamboo Defense Point
Saltspray Dragon Roost
Shipwreak Attack Point
Shore Resurrect Shrine
Quarry Attack Point
Base gates


  • The split of the battlefield is also reflected by an interesting music effect, with the typical Echovald Forest music in one half and the typical Jade Sea music in the other half. The music tends to fade in and out near the middle of the area.

Alliance Battle maps
The Ancestral Lands (K) (L) Grenz Frontier (K) (L) Saltspray Beach (K) (L) Etnaran Keys (K) (L) Kaanai Canyon (K) (L)

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