Salt Flats
Salt Flats 1000x800
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Crystal Desert
Prophet's Path, Seeker's Passage,
Diviner's Ascent, Skyward Reach
Salt Flats map 1
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Statue of Glint

General Information

Area Name: Salt Flats
Region: Crystal Desert

General Description: Storm Kin float effortlessly across this wasteland, while the Rockshot Devourers plant traps to waylay careless explorers. A statue of the dragon Glint (purple dot) lies in the center. The area includes three pairs of two-way teleporters, none of which are required for travelers.

Exits / Neighbour Areas




  • Ranger-icon-small20 (26) Rockshot Devourers: Southern parts near Prophet's Path and Skyward Reach.
  • Necromancer-icon-small20 (26) Jade Scarabs: Throughout most of the area.
  • Warrior-icon-small20 (26) Rock-Eater Scarabs: Sometimes found in the south western area.
  • Mesmer-icon-small20 (26) Storm Kin: East, northeast and northern areas. Large concentration in the north.
  • Elementalist-icon-small22 (26) Hydras: In the north western parts, near Seeker's Passage.





Skill Capture


  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in this area you must defeat 185-247 foes in Hard Mode.
  • Total exploration of this area will give 1.7% towards Tyrian Explorer Title Track.
  • The head, arm and leg of the mysterious statue found in The Arid Sea appear close to the portal leading to Prophet's Path.

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