Sage Lands
Sage Lands
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Maguuma Jungle
Majesty's Rest, Druid's Overlook,
The Wilds, Mamnoon Lagoon
Sage Lands map
(click to enlarge)

General Information

Area Name: Sage Lands
Region: Maguuma Jungle

General Description

The first thing that most will see of the uninhabitable Maguuma Jungle, the Sage Lands are mostly composed of dry, redstone highlands, though along the Northwestern edges and in a few canyons farther east, examples of the more heavily vegetated parts of the Maguuma may be found.

Exits / Neighbour Areas

Outposts & Cities

Objects / Points of Interest



Sage Lands falls (click to enlarge).







Sage Lands - Vanquished ( tips & bosses)

Sage Lands vanquished

  • Vanquishers must defeat 214-294 monsters in this area.
    • Moss Scarabs have Verata's Gaze, making minions a hindrance rather than a help in some areas.
    • On both ramps that lead down into the lagoon at the falls (purple box on map), sweep ahead very slowly and carefully. There are many delayed Moss Scarab pop-ups, and their numbers can easily overwhelm you, especially if you have a large number of minions.

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