Saevio Proelium
Saevio Proelium
Species: Titan
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 28
Saevio Proelium location
Location in Domain of Pain
from Gate of Fear


Saevio Proelium is a titan Warrior boss that can be found in the Domain of Pain.


Skills used

Items dropped

Saevio's Maul (unique)


Saevio Proelium's Tomb

Saevio Proelium's Tomb near the Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko

In the quest A Brief Introduction, players learn that:

  • Saevio Proelium was captured 100 years ago by the Order of Whispers
  • Most of what the Order knows about Abaddon was learned from Saevio Proelium's interrogation
  • Since then, Saevio Proelium has been entombed in the same location as Palawa Joko
  • During a recent storm, Saevio Proelium appears to have escaped



  • Saevio means "to be or act violently, angry, ferocious" and Proelium means "battle, fight, bout, conflict, dispute", so a loose translation of his name could be "I act violently in battle" or even just "Battle Rage," the elite skill this boss carries.

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