Rune Ethercrash
Rune Ethercrash
Species: Golem
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 28
SpearheadPeak IceGolem
Spearhead Peak


Rune Ethercrash, a Rock Ice boss, can always be found at the same location. He will be in a group with the Warrior boss Hail Blackice and three Rock Ices. The area is also populated by Ice Imps and Pinesouls and there are patrols of Siege Ice Golems and Stone Summit dwarves around.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • This boss spawns quite close to the Granite Citadel, but it might be wise to consider taking the longer walk from Copperhammer Mines because the exit from the Granite Citadel is blocked by several very strong groups of Stone Summit. With just a mediocre group, however, or even H/H this boss can be reached and the skill capped after exiting Granite Citadel in three minutes.
  • Another approach is to go from Deldrimor War Camp, and go through Grenth's Footprint, to Spearhead Peak.
  • Hail Blackice and the Rock Ice golems are strong warriors, so bring warrior-countering skills.
  • Bring Ignorance or Icy Prism as all the skills that he uses are signets, so these skills will completely disable him.

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