Ruins of Morah
Ruins of Morah
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: The Desolation
The Alkali Pan,
The Ruptured Heart

For information on the mission, see Ruins of Morah (mission).


The grandeur of this ancient Elonian city can still be seen amid its crumbling visage; echoes of a noble and grand purpose. Originally established to watch over the Mouth of Torment, Morah was ever a haunted place. It was abandoned two hundred years after its founding, succumbing to the spread of the desert. Recent ruptures from the crater have further destroyed this once majestic city as the Realm of Torment seeps in through the cracks in reality.

Getting there

Complete the primary quest Horde of Darkness, acquired from Priest Kehmtut.

This location is along the northern edge of the Alkali Pan, towards the center.






Morah means "teacher" in Hebrew, which could hint that this place was once a center of great knowledge.

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