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Checkpoint skills

Rollerbeetle Dash Rollerbeetle Dash Skill. Skill. For 5 seconds, you move extremely fast.
Harden Shell Harden Shell Skill. Skill. For 4 seconds, you cannot be knocked down.
Ram Ram Skill. Skill. For 2 seconds, all adjacent enemy rollerbeetles are knocked down.

Power-up skills

Distracting Lunge Distracting Lunge Skill. Skill. All of target rollerbeetle's skills are disabled for 5 seconds.
Spit Rocks Spit Rocks Skill. Skill. You spit rocks at target rollerbeetle. If they hit, that target is knocked down.
Rollerbeetle Echo Rollerbeetle Echo Skill. Skill. For 20 seconds, this Skill is replaced with the next Skill you use. Rollerbeetle Echo acts as this Skill for 30 seconds.
Rollerbeetle Blast Rollerbeetle Blast Skill. Skill. Target rollerbeetle is knocked down.
Super Rollerbeetle Super Rollerbeetle Skill. Skill. For 10 seconds, you move extremely fast and cannot be knocked down.

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