Effect details
Rollerbeetle Racer
Rollerbeetle Racer
Campaign: Core
Type: Disguise

You become a rollerbeetle racer.


Rollerbeetle Racer

Shell Designs

Rollerbeetle shell color is determined randomly (blue, red, yellow, turquoise, purple or green) each time you enter the Rollerbeetle Racing outpost or change districts, and is the team player's color in the Rollerbeetle Racing arena. Hokusai can change a rollerbeetle's design for 100 gold.

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  • Rollerbeetles are used in Rollerbeetle Racing (arena)
  • During the races, rollerbeetles can be seen holding weapons and offhand items, however they cannot attack.
  • This effect will set a character's maximum Health to 100 and maximum Energy to 10, it has no effect on Energy regeneration.
  • Rollerbeetles have a unique dance emote.
  • Many emotes will cause the beetle to glance to the left
  • The Sit emote will lower the camera angle as normal. While sitting you will sometimes be knocked down. By using /stand you force your beetle to be knocked down.

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