All Eye of the North armor can only be crafted after reaching rank 5 in the appropriate title track. Except for Deldrimor armor, all Eye of the North armor is considered Elite armor and can be displayed in the Hall of Monuments. In addition to the assassin-specific armor listed here, Eye of the North armor crafters also offer various common armor pieces usable by any profession.

Location NPC crafter Armor Gold Norn Monument Asuran Deldrimor1
Raiment Leggings Shoes
Gunnar's Hold Radi 60 10 Platinum 50 Tanned Hide Square
5 Fur Square
Eye of the North Brett 50 Tanned Hide Square
5 Vial of Ink
Rata Sum Klub 50 Bolt of Cloth
5 Vial of Ink
Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot 150 Bolt of Cloth
15 Deldrimor Steel Ingot
100 Scale
10 Fur Square
50 Tanned Hide Square
5 Leather Square
1Deldrimor armor lists the true material costs for each piece, instead of unit costs.

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