This error appears when starting up Guild Wars. Experience has shown it to take 10-30 minutes to fully recover depending on the speed of your computer and internet.

Repairing Data Archive will make you download some game files again. The number of files may vary.

If the problem persists, exit the game, go into your Guild Wars installation folder, rename GW.dat to GW_backup.dat and run the client with the -image command line argument. After the download is complete and the game is working again, you can delete the backup dat file.

Warning: if you get this error frequently, it may indicate problems with your hardware, such as bad RAM or HDD sectors. It may be worthwhile to run a memory check:

  • to test your HDD, use the built-in sector check tool by following these instructions. It will identify any bad sectors and your computer will not use them again.
  • to test your RAM, download and run a free tool, such as Memtest86+. If it points to potentially bad RAM, you may need to replace it.

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