Regent Valley (Post-Searing)
Regent Valley Post-Searing 1000x800
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Ascalon
Fort Ranik, Pockmark Flats,
Old Ascalon
Regent Valley (Post-Searing) Map
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General Information

Region: Ascalon

Before the searing, Regent Valley was a lush forest with a wide, shallow river flowing through the north edge. There are still quite a few burnt remains of trees, but the river is now turned to tar. A statue of Melandru stands in the western part of the valley, in what was once the village of King's Watch and there is what appears to be an aqueduct in near the gates of Fort Ranik.


Towns & Outposts

MissionIcon sml Fort Ranik

Explorable Areas

Points / Objects of Interest

Note (Numbers) refer to the white numbers used in the map


Note: Numbers refer to the green numbers used in the map




Note: Numbers refer to the red numbers used in the map



Regent Valley


  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in this area you must defeat 126-173 monsters in Hard Mode.

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