Amber Chunks

Amber Chunks

Refined Amber Chunks are found in two missions in the Echovald Forest. They play an important role in these missions and should not be ignored.

Fort Aspenwood

They are found at the Green Amber mine near the Luxon beginning area. They are a bundle that should be carried to Master Architect Gunther or either of the Kurzick gatekeepers. If brought to the master architect, it will add +4% towards the creation of the Gods' Vengeance superweapon, reducing the time that the Kurzicks need to hold against the attacking Luxons. If brought to one of the gate keepers, they will repair the green gate if it is destroyed, resurrecting it's guard NPCs. If the green gate is intact, the gate keeper will repair the innermost destroyed gate on his side.

Altrumm Ruins

They can be found on the ground. They are not a bundle in this mission -- clicking on them makes them disappear and adds to the score directly. They count for one point in the mission as do the Raw Amber Chunks dropped by dying creatures in the mission, despite being refined.

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