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Reed Bog
Reed Bog 1000x800
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Maguuma Jungle
Ettin's Back, The Falls
Reed Bog map
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General Information

Area Name: Reed Bog
Region: Maguuma Jungle

General Description: The Reed Bog is a small explorable area between Ettin's Back and The Falls. It is more or less circular, with the southeast part being a thin path infested with Maguuma Spiders and the Northwest part being a wider set of paths with a lot of Redwood Shepherds and Moss Scarabs.

Exits / Neighbour Areas






Skill Capture


Reed Bog - Vanquished

Reed Bog vanquished

  • Vanquishers must defeat 67-109 monsters in this area.
    • Moss Scarabs have Verata's Gaze, making minions a hindrance rather than a help in some areas.
    • Redwood Shepherds use Primal Echoes, making it difficult to use signets effectively.
    • There are less than 30 initial enemies — most foes in this area are pop-ups. Being mindful of where the pop-ups are can help in vanquishing this area with as little trouble as possible.
      • The narrow passage east of the portal to The Falls is normally empty, but has a lot of Maguuma Spider pop-ups. The north-central area is also empty, but has a lot of Moss Scarab pop-ups. You will have to pass through one of these areas to reach the enemies in the west, but the other can be avoided entirely.

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