1. Speak to Guardsman Pah about filling out the ministry's scrollwork.

Obtained from

Officer Chitaro in Wajjun Bazaar


Medical Emergency



"Guardsman Pah has not completed the proper scrollwork at the Ministry of Flame. Please ask him to refrain from making requests of me without going through the proper channels."
Accept: "I'll tell him."
Reject: "I am not your messenger."

Reward Dialogue

"I am very sorry to hear that. The ministry does not seem to understand that this situation allows us no time to wade through piles of scrollwork."


After accepting the quest going down to the docks and going around the mountain will get to Guardsman Pah's location without aggro'ing anything except maybe some Mantids in the area, if you have the quest Seek out Brother Tosai active, you can go up and run to Guardsman Pah by running past all the non-hostile Am Fah. Alternatively, if you already have Nahpui Quarter available, map travel to there as Pah is close by.


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