This is a quick reference to Ranger unique items from Nightfall, sorted by the type of bow. For unique items for all campaigns or specific to another campaign, refer to the following lists:

Note: Unique items from Istan do not have perfect stats, and thus are listed separately.


Weapon Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Forgotten Flatbow +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Keeper of Nature
Koahm's Flatbow Energy +5 Crippling HP +30 Koahm the Weary
Seedborn Flatbow +15% (HP>50%) Poisonous HP +30 Seed of Suffering


Weapon Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Custo's Hornbow +15% (AR -10
(while attacking))
Sundering 20/20 Marks +1 (20%) Colonel Custo
Dzabel's Hornbow +15% (Energy -5) Zealous 1/-1 Health +30 Dzabel Land Guardian
Forgotten Hornbow +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 5/-1 HP +30 Keeper of Nature
Vah's Hornbow +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 5/-1 HP +30 Vah the Crafty


Weapon Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Bansheh's Longbow +15% (while enchanted) Sundering 20/20 HP +30 Bansheh, Gatherer of Branches
Bearer's Longbow +15% (HP>50%) Ebon HP +30 Bearer of Misfortune
Deatheater Longbow Energy +5 Crippling HP +30 Rendabi Deatheater
Forgotten Longbow +15% (HP>50%) Sundering 20/20 HP +30 Keeper of Nature
Mallyx's Longbow +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 5/-1 HP +30 Mallyx the Unyielding
Zelnehlun's Longbow +15% (AR -10
(while attacking))
Sundering 20/20 HP +30 Zelnehlun Fastfoot

Recurve Bow

Weapon Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Benwah's Recurve Bow +15% (AR -10
(while attacking))
Sundering 20/20 Marks +1 (20%) Sergeant Behnwa
Bolten's Recurve Bow Energy +5 Crippling HP +30 Bolten Largebelly
Forgotten Recurve Bow +15% (HP>50%) Crippling HP +30 Keeper of Nature
Mallyx's Recurve Bow +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Mallyx the Unyielding
Saushali's Recurve Bow Energy +5 Silencing HP +30 Saushali the Frustrating
Stygian Recurve Bow +15% (HP>50%) Sundering 20/20 HP +30 Stygian Underlord (Ranger)


Weapon Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Chiggen's Shortbow +15% (Energy -5) Vampiric 5/-1 HP +30 Admiral Chiggen
Forgotten Shortbow +15% (HP>50%) Barbed HP +30 Keeper of Nature
Tenezel's Shortbow +15% (HP>50%) Poisonous HP +30 Tenezel the Quick
Tenshek's Shortbow Energy +5 Barbed HP +30 Tenshek Roundbody
Tundoss' Shortbow +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 5/-1 HP +30 Tundoss the Destroyer
Uhiwi's Shortbow +15% (HP>50%) Sundering 20/20 HP +30 Uhiwi the Smoky

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