Ranger Masks Trading (Prophecies)

Collectors throughout the land are willing to trade you armor for the following items. To find out who and where the collectors for each item are, click on the item's name.

Region AL Tamer's Mask
+30 AL vs elemental
+1 Beast Mastery
Traveler's Mask
+30 AL vs elemental
+1 Wilderness Survival
Hunter's Mask
+30 AL vs elemental
+1 Expertise
Archer's Mask
+30 AL vs elemental
+1 Marksmanship
Northern Shiverpeaks 37 5 Frostfire Fangs 5 Shiverpeak Manes 5 Shiverpeak Manes 5 Icy Humps
Kryta 49 5 Abnormal Seeds 5 Gargantuan Jawbones 5 Spiked Crests 5 Feathered Caromi Scalps
Maguuma Jungle 61 5 Ancient Eyes 5 Tangled Seeds 5 Behemoth Jaws 5 Tangled Seeds
Crystal Desert 70 5 Jade Mandibles 5 Shriveled Eyes 2 Bleached Shells 5 Forgotten Seals

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