1. Find the river skale queen and slay her.
  2. Return to Artemis the Ranger for your reward.

Obtained from

Artemis the Ranger in Lakeside County (just outside Ascalon City)


Primary profession: Ranger
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character


  • 500 XP
  • Skills
Ranger-icon-small Power Shot
Ranger-icon-small Troll Unguent


"A horde of skale down by the river road has been hunting human prey to feed to their queen. You must put an end to this. If you can get them to flee into the woods, they should lead you right to her. Eliminate the skale queen and report back to me."
Accept: "I won't let you down."
Reject: "I don't think I'm ready for this!"

Reward Dialogue

"Sir Tydus was right. There is something special about you. I have no doubt that you can be entrusted with a few skills. Use them wisely.
Haversdan should be here in a moment if you desire further guidance."


Further Adventures


Artemis the Ranger asks you to kill the River Skale Queen by the river road. Simply run down to the river and kill the Queen who is on the other bank. The queen is easily dispatched; once you have done so, report back to Artemis.

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