2009-08-31: Quetzal Crests


Getting to Nick

Nicholas the Traveler is located in Alcazia Tangle, close to Tarnished Haven (map).

Farming for Quetzal Crests

  • Suggested Farm #1: No Trespassing area in Verdant Cascades near Umbral Grotto. Exit the Outpost, grab the bounty from the Krewe member at the nearby Rez Shrine, and turn south. Head east again, aiming for the No Trespassing sign. (You can wait for the Quetzal to attack the Skelk.) Continue a counter-clockwise circle around the southwest corner of the zone to find 80–100 Quetzal, including the Ranger Boss, Petraj the Evasive. Expected trophies: about 2–5 crests/run per player in a 4-person team (slightly more for soloists, slightly less for 8-person teams).

Threats & Recommended Skills

  • Tactics:Use minions or tanks to get the Quetzal to clump together (for AoE damage) and be sure that they don't do the same to your group, as they can cause some serious spikes to single targets cut off from group heals or defenses. Near the trespassing signs in Verdant Cascades, the Quetzal will attack the Skelk before going after your party; let them do that, allowing you to get the first few attacks. (Minion masters can take advantage of the extra bodies and the corpses of the Asuran patrol.) Remember to pull groups to you so that you don't get ambushed by the various patrols in the area.
  • Threats: The Quetzal present a well-rounded group of Necromancers, Rangers, Mesmers, and Warriors. They can strip enchantments, drain health, cause crippling & bleeding, block, and will interrupt melee skills and attacks.
  • Recommended Skills: As always, a well-balanced party should be able easily farm for crests. To counter threats, bring a Tank, condition removal, and party and individual healing. Melee parties can spike individual targets (generally in the order listed above) while casting-heavy groups can use AoE damage, anti-melee interrupts and slowdowns. Knockdowns are useful for either type of party.

Solo Farming

  • (to be added)

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