This was a comprehensive list of all Quests of difficulty level Master. At one time, all were present in the Nightfall campaign, however with the release of Eye of the North, this list is outdated.

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Note: The following Istani quests are only available to Nightfall characters.

Cliffs of Dohjok

Zehlon Reach

Beknur Harbor

Issnur Isles



Mehtani Keys

Blacktide Den


Turai's Procession


Chantry of Secrets

Honur Hill

Holdings of Chokhin

The Desolation

Remains of Sahlahja

Lair of the Forgotten

Poisoned Outcrops

Realm of Torment

Gate of Torment

Gate of Fear

Domain of Anguish

Gate of Anguish (location)

City of Torc'qua

The Foundry of Failed Creations

Ravenheart Gloom

Stygian Veil

Eye of the North

Charr Homelands

Depths of Tyria

Eye of the North (outpost)

Jaga Moraine

Vlox's Falls

Alcazia Tangle


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