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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game .

Please see the history of this article for further information.

PvP Unlock Packs (commonly also called "skill packs") were a service available in the Guild Wars Official Store. They have been replaced by the Guild Wars PvP Editions.
"This pack unlocks for your account all 75 <profession> skills from Guild Wars (original Prophecies campaign). After unlocking these skills on your account, you can use them on any of your PvP characters, whenever you choose <profession> as a primary or secondary profession."

There is one pack available for each profession, and one for all six core professions combined.

  • The Unlock Packs were priced at 9.99 USD / 8.99 EUR / 5.99 GBP per profession, or 39.99 USD / 35.99 EUR / 23.99 GBP for all six.
  • Each Pack included all core and Prophecies-only skills (including elite skills) for the corresponding profession.
  • A Factions-only or Nightfall-only account could not purchase an Unlock Pack.

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