1. Speak to Kilroy to start your brawling training.
  2. Defeat the Norn brawlers using your new skills.
  3. See Kilroy Stonekin for your reward.

Obtained from

Kilroy Stonekin in Gunnar's Hold


Common-icon-small Brawling Headbutt


"[Solo Quest] I've been training with these Norn to learn the ways of brass-knuckle brawling. I gotta say, these big fellas can fight! To them, you're nothing but a clown. But I'll teach ya what I've learned so you can jump in the ring and tangle with the best of 'em. Here, take these brass knuckles and crack a few skulls. It's good for the constitution!"
Accept: "Excuse me while I line up my knuckles."
Reject: "See these? These are the tears of a clown."

Intermediate Dialogue (Kilroy Stonekin)

"You will be removed from your party to fight alone. Are you ready to rumble?"
Accept: "It's go time!"
Reject: "I am not worthy."

Reward Dialogue

"So ya showed them Norn a whoppin' good time, eh? Ya did Kilroy proud!"


Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza!


Refer to Dwarven Boxing for a full explanation of how this mini-game works. Be sure to equip yourself with the Brass Knuckles given to you by Kilroy, your skill bar will be replaced with some brawling skills and you will be taken into a fight with some Norn Brawlers. Win or lose, you'll be returned to Gunnar's Hold, then speak to Kilroy to claim your reward, or to try again.

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