Prophecies Campaign Profession Trainers

Profession trainers (not to be confused with Skill Trainers!) are the NPCs that will introduce you to your primary and secondary profession in Pre-Searing. They are the ones who will teach you your first skills and give you your first quests.

Most of them make a re-appearance in Post-Searing in one form or another and will offer some more quests with skill reward for their profession.

There are 3 Profession Trainers for each core profession. For some professions there is another NPC to give you skills, but they are not a Profession Trainer per definition. Additional skill quests are available to earn skills later in the game, and can be found using the legend in the quests article.

This is who they are and where you can find them:

Warrior-icon Warrior

Profession TrainerLocation Pre-SearingLocation Post-Searing)
Van the Warrior Lakeside County Yak's Bend
Warmaster Grast Green Hills County Old Ascalon
Duke Barradin The Barradin Estate Piken Square
Little Thom The Barradin Estate (Henchman)*

Ranger-icon Ranger

Profession TrainerLocation Pre-SearingLocation Post-Searing)
Artemis the Ranger Lakeside County Traveler's Vale
Master Ranger Nente Regent Valley Old Ascalon
Ivor Trueshot Regent Valley Piken Square
(Aidan) Wizard's Folly (Henchman)*

Monk-icon Monk

Profession TrainerLocation Pre-SearingLocation Post-Searing)
Ciglo the Monk Lakeside County Old Ascalon
Grazden the Protector Green Hills County Old Ascalon
Brother Mhenlo Ashford Abbey Iron Horse Mine

Necromancer-icon Necromancer

Profession TrainerLocation Pre-SearingLocation Post-Searing)
Verata the Necromancer Lakeside County Traveler's Vale*
Kasha Blackblood Green Hills County Sardelac Sanitarium
Necromancer Munne The Catacombs Sardelac Sanitarium
(Oberan the Reviled) The Catacombs Old Ascalon (Enemy) *

Mesmer-icon Mesmer

Profession TrainerLocation Pre-SearingLocation Post-Searing)
Sebedoh the Mesmer Lakeside County Yak's Bend
Lady Althea Lakeside County Diessa Lowlands* (Ghost)
Vassar Foible's Fair Sardelac Sanitarium

Elementalist-icon Elementalist

Profession TrainerLocation Pre-SearingLocation Post-Searing)
Howland the Elementalist Lakeside County Yak's Bend
Elementalist Aziure Wizard's Folly Old Ascalon
Shalev the Hermit   Old Ascalon
Ralena Stormbringer Foible's Fair Sick somewhere; she has a
disease caused by the Searing*

* No longer available as a trainer

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