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Prison Keeper Shelkesh
Prison Keeper Shelkesh
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Prison Keeper Shelkesh is a member of the Kournan military.


Skills used


  • (Before talking to Vault Master Eijah): Vault Master Eijah owes me lunch for a year! He said we'd never be rid of Kormir, but soon she'll be nothing more than a memory. I wish I could go taunt him about our bet, but I can't leave my post. Hey, could you go to the vault and rub it in for me?
  • (After talking to Vault Master Eijah): I wasn't notified of anyone that needed access besides the executioner. Unless you have the code, I'll have to clear it.

Choices (after talking to Vault Master Eijah):

"We're fully authorized. We have the password. It's twenty-one-eight-seven.
"Uhm, the password.... Right...hmm.... Yeah. Isn't harvest?

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