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Priestess Mahni
Priestess Mahni
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


"Don't you just love Wintersday? I've got so many plans...friends and family to see. However, the recent string of Corsair attacks is making travel a dangerous proposition. My family is spread out, so I absolutely must be able to move freely from town to town. Someone needs to get out there and rid us of this nuisance! Tell you what, if you bring me 3 Copper Shillings as proof you have dealt with the Corsair menace, then in the name of Dwayna I shall reward you with one of these:"

Priestess Mahni

Location: Kamadan
Collecting: 3 Copper Shillings

Spiked Eggnog
Snowman Summoner
Wintergreen Candy Cane

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