This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game .

Please see the history of this article for further information.

Guild Wars had originally provided premade builds designed for new players. This feature has since been removed and replaced by a starter bar of five primary profession skills and a Resurrection Signet. These starting skill sets may be found here. Discontinued premade builds may be found here in a user archive.

Discontinued premade builds

Warrior-icon-small Warrior

  • W/R Wolf Child
  • W/Mo Paladin
  • W/N Dark Knight
  • W/E Abominable Snowman
  • W/E Frenzy Theory
  • W/Me Final Master

Ranger-icon-small Ranger

  • R/W Berserker
  • R/Me IVEX Trapper
  • R/N Trapper
  • R/E Flame Slinger
  • R/E Shock Sniper
  • R/A Fang of Melandru
  • R/Rt Brutal Bombardier
  • R/P Pack Hunter
  • R/Me Cripshot Ranger

Monk-icon-small Monk

  • Mo/W Protection Healer
  • Mo/W Zealot
  • Mo/Me Health Channeler
  • Mo/N Fi Boon Healer
  • Mo/E Divine Healer
  • Mo/E DW Healer
  • Mo/Me Air of Smite
  • Mo/Me Blessed Light Monk
  • Mo/Me Boon Prot

Mesmer-icon-small Mesmer

  • Me/W Spell Slasher
  • Me/R Dazer
  • Me/E Flame Savant
  • Me/Mo Energy Denied
  • Me/Mo Warrior's Anguish

Necromancer-icon-small Necromancer

  • N/Me Minion Master
  • N/Me Warrior's Bane
  • N/Mo Tainted Ally

Elementalist-icon-small Elementalist

  • E/R Pyromancer
  • E/Mo Arcane Healer
  • E/Mo Dwayna's Deacon
  • E/Me Geomancer
  • E/Me Pyromancer
  • E/N Ice Blighter
  • E/A Dark Flame
  • E/Mo Blinding Prodigy

Assassin-icon-small Assassin

  • A/W Shadow Blade
  • A/D Shadow Reaper
  • A/N Hot Stepper

Ritualist-icon-small Ritualist

  • Rt/Mo Soul Spinner
  • Rt/Me Earthbinder
  • Rt/W Spirit Lord

Dervish-icon-small Dervish

  • D/W Whirling Dervish
  • D/Me Melandru's Prophet

Paragon-icon-small Paragon

  • P/W Centurion
  • P/Rt Battle Commander

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