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The term pre-order comes from pre-order boxes, normally available when you reserve Guild Wars before it is released. In the pre-order box you are given an code than you put on your account, it gives you access to the items below and a some exclusive events. So far there have been four pre-order boxes with their own special exclusive weapons.


So far there have been 4 pre-order boxes:

Guild Wars Prophecies

  • Access to all Guild Wars events including the October World Preview Event and all Beta Weekend Events
  • One guest pass that allows a friend to join a Beta Weekend Event
  • One exclusive in-game item from among a variety of weapons, shields or magical items
  • A Prima Tournament Survival Guide offering character and team strategies
  • A Guild Wars poster
  • Pre-registration for character names and player accounts
  • Exclusive music tracks from award-winning composer Jeremy Soule
  • Concept artwork, screen shots, wallpapers and links to the Guild Wars fan community

Guild Wars Factions

  • A key that provides access to the Factions Preview Event on March 24th
  • Access to Guild Wars: Factions twenty-four hours before the official release date
  • Exclusive in-game items—one unique item for each of the two new professions
  • A "friend" key that gives one of your friends access to the Factions Preview Event on March 24th
  • A 14-day, 10-hour trial of Guild Wars (original Prophecies Campaign)
  • A tactical guide
  • A quick-reference card
  • A CD that includes concept art, wallpapers, in-game trailers and audio tracks

Guild Wars Nightfall

Note: That by pre-ordering Guild Wars Nightfall you do not receive the pre-release bonus pack for free. Stores are issued to sell the product for between $5 to $10. This differs from the previous two pre-order bonuses.

Guild Wars Eye of the North

Note: This is the first pre-release pack to be available on PlayNC's website and through the in-game online store.

  • A chance to play the game early during the Sneak Peek Weekend, August 24-26th. Everything gained and attained in this weekend will be permanent to your characters, unlike in the sneak peek weekends of Factions and Nightfall.
  • DVD with 10 day/14 hour trial key for all three Guild Wars games. Note, it currently appears that if you buy the pre-release pack through the official in-game store it applies this key to YOUR account, even if you already have all three campaigns.
  • Bonus items: Glacial Blade, Darksteel Longbow and Hourglass Staff
  • Note: The Bonus Pack does not include an extra character slot and neither does GW:EN.


If you have a pre-order key assigned to your account you can type /bonus in an outpost and they will appear in your inventory.

NOTE: To give these items to heroes as well, equip your heroes with these items, then repeat the /bonus command. This will cause new customized items to be spawned in your inventory.

Guild Wars Prophecies

Guild Wars had 6 items depending on where you reserved the game.

Guild Wars Factions

Guild Wars Factions Pre-Order Package includes 2 unique items.

Guild Wars Nightfall

The Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack includes 2 unique items.

Guild Wars Eye of the North

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack includes three items:

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