Symbol Quest Type
Signet of Capture Generic Skill Quests for all professions
Warrior-icon-small Profession Skill Quest for Warriors only
Ranger-icon-small Profession Skill Quest for Rangers only
Monk-icon-small Profession Skill Quest for Monks only
Necromancer-icon-small Profession Skill Quest for Necromancers only
Mesmer-icon-small Profession Skill Quest for Mesmers only
Elementalist-icon-small Profession Skill Quest for Elementalists only
Recharge Repeatable Quests
Quest Required to leave Pre-Searing Ascalon

Ascalon City

Lakeside County

Green Hills County

Ashford Abbey

The Catacombs

The Barradin Estate

Regent Valley

Wizard's Folly

Foible's Fair


  • The total reward for these quests varies between 10,650 and 11,400 experience, depending on your primary/secondary profession combination, and only if all the secondary profession quests are completed before a secondary profession is chosen.

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