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None of the Pre-Searing collector weapons have any attribute requirements or enhancements. Thus characters, especially casters, need not wield weapons associated with their primary or secondary profession.


Weapon Damage Collect
Battle Axe Slashing 5-10 5 Worn Belts
3 Unnatural Seeds
War Hammer Blunt 8-10 3 Skeletal Limbs
3 Enchanted Lodestones
Crimson Carapace Shield AL +4 5 Worn Belts


Piercing damage:7-10

Bow Characteristics Weapon Collect
Longbow Ascalon Bow 3 Unnatural Seeds
Hornbow Ascalon Bow 3 Dull Carapaces
Longbow Ascalon Bow 3 Enchanted Lodestones


Damage 3-5

Damage Type Weapon Collect
Chaos Cane 3 Skeletal Limbs
3 Enchanted Lodestones
Dark Truncheon 3 Unnatural Seeds
Earth Earth Wand 3 Dull Carapaces
Fire Fire Wand
Holy Rod
5 Worn Belts

Focus Items

Energy +3

Weapon Collect
Divine Symbol 3 Grawl Necklaces
Healing Ankh 3 Baked Husks
Idol 3 Baked Husks
Grim Cesta 3 Grawl Necklaces
3 Dull Carapaces
3 Enchanted Lodestones
Jeweled Chakram 3 Grawl Necklaces
Flame Artifact 3 Baked Husks
Frost Artifact 3 Skeletal Limbs
Storm Artifact 3 Dull Carapaces
Scroll 3 Grawl Necklaces
3 Unnatural Seeds


Damage 3-5
Energy +3

Damage Type Weapon Collect
Chaos Inscribed Staff 5 Worn Belts
Cold Bone Staff 3 Unnatural Seeds
Water Staff 3 Unnatural Seeds
Fire Holy Staff 3 Skeletal Limbs
Holy Smiting Staff 3 Dull Carapaces

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