Portal jumping is the act of crossing an Area boundary without triggering a transition. Characters use Heart of Shadow or Viper's Defense to bounce off a target (usually a hero) to hop over a portal without zoning.


  • Allows you to view the ends of the world in a variety of settings.
  • In some areas, allows you to explore an explorable area mob free, making it easier to progress the Cartographer title.
  • In a very few areas, allows you to reach areas otherwise inaccessible, exposing the map fog, which also helps with cartographic exploration.


Simple jumping
  • Position yourself (and your target) so that you start close to the portal and will step as far away as possible.
  • Target
  • Step
Chained jumps
  • Bring heroes with pets, Strike as One, and Serpent's Quickness
  • Equip with Recall, HoS and/or Viper's Defense.
  • Use recall to stop the pets from wandering.
  • After at least two pets have stopped, target the farthest one and have everyone step to it. Maintain recall.
  • Repeat until you cannot get the pets any farther across the portal.
  • Stop maintaining recall. Cross your fingers.

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