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Species: Asura
Profession: Polymock
Level(s): 20


Polymock player.



"Do you really think you stand a chance at defeating me in Polymock? I could beat you blindfolded with both arms tied behind my back, using my ears to control my pieces"



  • Plurgg will always use his pieces in the following order: Fire Imp, Ice Imp, and Kappa.
  • In the second round vs. Plurgg in Vlox's Falls, a good strategy is to use the Gargoyle first, followed by the Skale second, and lastly the Fire Imp.
  • Plurgg can be the hardest to beat, due to the limited pieces at your disposal.
  • If you're a monk be careful of failure as you could unintentionally heal Plurgg, if you're casting when you die.
  • If you are lagging, interrupts are almost useless making Plurgg almost unbeatable.

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