Region Sub-Species Type Trophy
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Ascalon Sprout Monk-icon-small0 Aloe Husk
Monk-icon-small0 Aloe Seed
Monk-icon-small0, 3 Large Aloe Seed
Unnatural Seed
Tree Ranger-icon-small5 Oakheart
Monk-icon-small5 Oakheart
Ascalon Sprout Monk-icon-small5 Crown of Thorns Scorched Seed
Tree Ranger-icon-small10 Singed Oak
Northern Shiverpeaks Sprout Monk-icon-small7 Juniper Bark Alpine Seed
Kryta Sprout Monk-icon-small11 Spined Aloe
Monk-icon-small14 Large Spined Aloe
Abnormal Seed
Stalker Mesmer-icon-small17 Reed Stalker
Tree Ranger-icon-small13 Oakheart
Ranger-icon-small18 Entangling Root
Monk-icon-small17 Ancient Oakheart
Maguuma Jungle Sprout Monk-icon-small15 Life Pod Tangled Seed
Stalker Elementalist-icon-small13 Thorn Stalker Sprout
Elementalist-icon-small17 Thorn Stalker
Tree Ranger-icon-small17 Entangling Roots
Ranger-icon-small19 Jungle Guardian
Ranger-icon-small19 Redwood Shepherd
Crystal Desert Sprout Monk-icon-small20 Salving Cactus Spiny Seed
Southern Shiverpeaks Sprout Monk-icon-small7 Juniper Bark Alpine Seed
Tree Ranger-icon-small24 Pinesoul
Factions Campaign
Shing Jea Island Dragon Plant Mesmer-icon-small16 Dragon Lilly Enchanted Vine
Sprout Ranger-icon-small12 Grasping Root
Pongmei Valley Dragon Plant Warrior-icon-small23 Undergrowth Dragon Root
Guardian Monk-icon-small28 Island Guardian Guardian Moss
Echovald Forest Dragon Plant Warrior-icon-small23 Undergrowth
Elementalist-icon-small24 Dragon Moss
Dragon Root
Jade Sea Guardian Monk-icon-small28 Island Guardian Guardian Moss
Urgoz's Warren Dragon Plant Ranger-icon-small28 Brooding Thorns
Elementalist-icon-small24 Burning Brush
Assassin-icon-small28 Thorn Wolf
Sprout NA-icon-small10 Explosive Growth
Guardian Monk-icon-small28 Uprooted Malice
Monk-icon-small30 Twisted Bark
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Sentient Plants Mesmer-icon-small6 Beautiful Iboga
Mesmer-icon-small1, 6, 10 Fanged Iboga
Iboga Petal, Sentient Root, Sentient Seed
Elementalist-icon-small1, 6, 10 Stormseed Jacaranda Sentient Seed
Kourna Sentient Plants Mesmer-icon-small20 Mirage Iboga
Elementalist-icon-small23 (26) Stormforce Jacaranda
Sentient Spore
Stalkers Paragon-icon-small20 (26) Murmuring Thornbrush
Vabbi Sentient Plants Mesmer-icon-small22 (26) Mirage Iboga
Elementalist-icon-small22 (26) Storm Jacaranda
Dervish-icon-small22 (26) Enchanted Brambles
Sentient Spore
Stalkers Paragon-icon-small22 (26) Whistling Thornbrush
Eye of the North Expansion
Depths of Tyria Sprout Monk-icon-small20 Blooming Nettle
Necromancer-icon-small20 Nettle Seedling
Sentient Vine
Ritualist-icon-small20 Cave Aloe
Ritualist-icon-small20 Corrupted Aloe
Paragon-icon-small20 Fungal Bloom
Elementalist-icon-small15 Parasitic Growth
Fungal Root
NA-icon-small10 Fungal Spore
NA-icon-small15 Nettle Spore
Sentient Plants Mesmer-icon-small20 Fanged Ayahuasca
Necromancer-icon-small20 Cave Ayahuasca
Sentient Vine
Tree Paragon-icon-small28 Savage Oakheart Sentient Vine
Realms of the Gods (core)
Fissure of Woe Sprout Necromancer-icon-small28 Seed of Corruption Gloom Seed
Stalker Warrior-icon-small24 Snarling Driftwood
Elementalist-icon-small24 Spirit Shepherd
Tree Ranger-icon-small24 Spirit Wood

Hard mode levels are in brackets.

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