Plague of Frogs

Quest path


  1. Kill the heket in the Garden of Seborhin. You have 10...0 of 10 groups remaining.
  2. See Horticulturist Hinon for your reward.

Obtained from

Horticulturist Hinon in Garden of Seborhin



"<name>! You'll be able to help me, I know it! Those blasted toad-like heket have overrun my precious garden and displaced the beneficial wildlife... and my staff! It'll take me months to repair all the damage they're doing! Help me out and exterminate the nasty things. I'll pay you, of course.
Accept: "I'll get you your garden back, Hinon."
Reject: "Buy some pesticides."

Reward Dialogue

"Oh, what a relief it is to hear that you've gotten rid of those heket! It'll take me awhile to undo all the destruction they've wrought, but you saved the garden from total ruin. Here is your well deserved reward."


There are ten groups of a half-dozen or so heket scattered throughout the Garden. They are relatively easy to handle even with an all henchmen team. Simply eliminate them all and return for your reward.


  • Consider taking Which Way Did He Go? at the same time, as you can clear the hekets on your way to doing that quest and then return to Hinon to claim both rewards at the same time.
  • The Pet-Elder Crocodiles swim through the water inside the palace.
  • Consider bringing some Vabbian Chest keys as there is an abundance of them during this quest.


  • This is likely a reference to the plagues that afflicted ancient Egypt in the Bible (Exodus 8:1-15).

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