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Disambiguous This article is about the pet Phoenix. For the elementalist spell, see Phoenix. For the emote, see Rank.
Phoenix (Pet)
Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 5

The Phoenix is a charmable animal only found in the Divine Path.



  • The only place to charm a Phoenix is in the Divine Path after completing the Imperial Sanctum mission. There are 3 Phoenixes in the area: one at the starting point, one near the middle of the path, and one near Emperor Kisu at the end. There are also 2 larger Phoenixes standing next to Kisu which cannot be charmed.
  • The Phoenix is one of four pets that appear to fly when they move.
  • Phoenixes deal slashing damage when unevolved, and piercing damage when evolved.
  • The Phoenix has its own statue on the Monument of Fellowship, although the statue is called "Imperial Phoenix."


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