Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


"A feather hat! They'll be all the rage next season, I just know it. I have to be ahead of the pack. I must have that hat now! I can make it myself, but I need the feathers. You look like a stout combatant, capable of any task. Retrieve for me 3 Fledgling Skree Wings, and I will find something from last season you can have:"

Collector Items

Pehrub Map



Location: Lahtenda Bog in the far southwest corner, just above the ruins.
Collecting: 3 Fledgling Skree Wings

Profession Item Name Armor Other Modifiers Value
Warrior Istani Boots 65 Armor +20 (vs. physical damage) 30 Gold
Ranger Istani Boots 55 Armor +30 (vs. elemental damage) 30 Gold
Monk Istani Sandals 45 Energy recovery +1 30 Gold
Necromancer Istani Boots 45 Energy recovery +1 30 Gold
Mesmer Istani Footwear 45 Energy recovery +1 30 Gold
Elementalist Istani Shoes 45 Energy recovery +1 30 Gold
Paragon Elonian Sandals 65 None 30 Gold
Dervish Elonian Shoes 55 Energy recovery +1 30 Gold


  • On the minimap Pehrub is marked as "Skree Wing Collector".
  • Selling collector items obtained by exchanging Fledgling Skree Wings gives a better profit than selling to Merchants.

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