This page gives the locations of elite skills for the Paragon at a glance. There are 15 elite Paragon skills.


"Incoming!" "Incoming!" (Nightfall)

Anthem of Guidance Anthem of Guidance (Nightfall)

Crippling Anthem Crippling Anthem (Nightfall)


Angelic Bond Angelic Bond (Nightfall)

Anthem of Fury Anthem of Fury (Nightfall)

Defensive Anthem Defensive Anthem (Nightfall)

Focused Anger Focused Anger (Nightfall)

Soldier's Fury Soldier's Fury (Nightfall)


"It's Just a Flesh Wound." "It's Just a Flesh Wound." (Nightfall)

"The Power Is Yours!" "The Power Is Yours!" (Nightfall)

Song of Purification Song of Purification (Nightfall)

Song of Restoration Song of Restoration (Nightfall)

Spear Mastery

Cruel Spear Cruel Spear (Nightfall)

Stunning Strike Stunning Strike (Nightfall)

No Attribute

Cautery Signet Cautery Signet (Nightfall)

Elite skill locations

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