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The Paragon is a ranged profession first introduced in Guild Wars Nightfall. The term Paragon is used to describe a model of excellence, or one who represents the ideal of their kind. They are a supportive class who enhance teammates within earshot through the use of shouts, chants, and echoes to buff party members and allies. The Paragon has an angelic appearance with white armor and under garments. Several chants have an animation displaying golden wings extending from the Paragon's back, enhancing the effect. They wield spears - ranged weapons with the range of a shortbow - as well as shields tied to the Command or Motivation attribute. The patron gods of Paragons are Dwayna and Balthazar.

Despite being classified a support character, the Paragon is the only other class other than the Warrior to have a base armor of 80 - though Warriors are still better equipped due to their extra +20 armor against physical attacks. They are also the only other class to naturally equip shields.

The primary Paragon's base armor provides 80 armor and +10 energy. A starting primary Paragon begins with 30 base energy and 2 energy recovery.

The Paragon's primary attribute is Leadership, which provides energy for each ally affected by your shouts and chants.


Profession Combinations

See Secondary professions for a Paragon

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