Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Paoko is a citizen of Kaineng City who is disgruntled with the Celestial Ministry for having taken no action regarding the destruction of his store. He randomly spawns along with Mangjo and Raiyi and they engage in a friendly conversation that periodically repeats. The three of them, like Ling, do not appear to serve any specific purpose.



When spoken to, they use the standard dialogue of Canthan Peasants.

The conversation with Mangjo and Raiyi:

Paoko: "What a shock. Another day goes by, and still no response from the Ministry."
Mangjo: "I'd be more surprised if they did respond."
Paoko: "It's called sarcasm... I know they aren't going to respond to my pleas for assistance in investigating who destroyed my store."
Raiyi: "I told you, your store was destroyed by florbnobbles!"
Paoko: "What are you talking about? What is a florbnobble anyway?"
Raiyi: "I can't tell you that. It ruins the surprise!"
Mangjo: "Paoko, you know he is just rambling."
Paoko: "I'd rather listen to him ramble than just sit here and wait for nothing to happen."
Mangjo: "Well, sooner or later we'll all end up dead, so you aren't waiting for nothing, you're waiting to die."
Paoko: "You're just a bundle of optimism today, aren't you?"
Mangjo: "Just trying to keep your mind off of the continued silence from our glorious ministry of paperwork."
Paoko: "So you keep bringing it back up? Don't you have a bridge to jump off of?"
Mangjo: "But then you'd only have Raiyi here to talk too.[sic] I couldn't do that to you."
Paoko: "Oh sure you could."
Raiyi: "The bricks are staring at me again!"
Paoko: "On second thought, maybe I should jump off the bridge."


  • The florbnobble mentioned in the conversation could be a hint of things to come. Or it might not.

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